Monday, October 4, 2010

Hay Days 15% OFF EVERYTHING!- Saturday October 16th

We do two big sales each year, and when we say big, we mean big. To begin with, everything is 15% off, except Nutro products which are $10 off ALL OF THEM! (Big thanks to Nutro) Additionally, we try to make these big sales more of an event. For our autumn Hay Day, we've got quite a bit going on.

The Livestock Swap
We've moved our usual second Saturday livestock swap to the third Saturday this month, to mesh with Hay Day, which means a lot more people to see your animals. If you haven't made it out to a swap yet, this will be the day to check it out. We've have just about any animal you can imagine here, from Guinea Pigs to Horses. It is proving to be a fun place for families to bring their kids after the Farmer's Market, as it does have a sort of petting zoo feel to it.

Well Mannered Mutts
Sallie Palmer, one of our favorite dog trainers will be on hand offering spot training, tips and advice to dog owners. Sally's business, well mannered mutts spent quite a bit of time holding classes in our warehouse and she is one of the best trainers we've ever seen. If you've ever been impressed by the behavior of one of the Farm Supply dogs, thank Sally. (No, the rowdy bunch of mini-aussies out front have not met her yet)

Ukiah Natural Foods
October is national co-op month, and we've joined forces with Ukiah Natural Foods to increase awareness of the importance of the Co-Op structure to local economies. It seems very few people remember that the Farm Supply has been a co-op for 61 years, and it's time for that to change. Did you know that with you farm Bureau membership you become eligible for a patronage dividend that has been as high as 16% in the past? We're also proud to offer 5% off every day to all Ukiah Natural Food Co-Op owner/members. Just come in and show your card or key fob, and we'll set you up!

PGG Seed / Agricom Seed
The endlessly entertaining expert, John Snyder will be here discussing best practices for cover cropping, erosion control and building soil and pasture health. Even if you just have a bare patch in your lawn, John is worth talking to you, he'll set you in the right direction, and leave you laughing for the rest of the day. We're still trying to get him to do a stand up routine mid-day.

Roni McFadden Book Signing
Farm Supply has long been a primary underwriter of many programs at Ridgewood Ranch, this historic home of Seabiscuit. When we were approached to sponsor the publication of "Josephine, a Tale of Hope and Happy Endings." the support the T.R.A.I.L program at Ridgewood, we jumped on it! Month later, the book is a huge success, and we are happy to invite Roni McFadden here to talk about her book and sign copies!

The Raffles!
Alright, if you've ever been to one of our big sales, you've probably won a raffle prize. This time, Darcie went all out and bent every arm in the industry! We've got giveaways from EQ Solutions, Lextron Animal Health, Farmer's Feed, John F. Mahaney Hardware, Ware, Greenies, Science Diet, Farnam, Natures Miracle, Fresh Cab, Petmate, Veterinary Supply Incorporated, Precision Pet products, Wrangler, and more. We're sorting things out now to try and make sure everybody wins something, as we've got about three pallets worth of stuff hidden away!

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