Tuesday, May 25, 2010


If the rains subside and the summer finally arrives, our kitchens will begin the annual move to the backyard. As serious BBQ aficionados, we tend to keep the farm supply well stocked for any sort of grilling.

Propane? No problem, we have the cheapest propane in town and always ready to fill your small or large tanks. Just stop by the small engine shop and fill er' up!

Charcoal? Now you're talking! 40lb bags of pure mesquite charcoal are only 14.50! Forget those flimsy briquettes, this whole-wood char has branches! The taste imparted by pure mesquite is so exquisite, you can skip marinating your more tender cuts. Really, a thousand times better than briquettes; inexpensive and flavorful!

Smoke? Yep, we even have hardwood chips for your smoker, and not those tiny bags you get over charged for at the grocery store, either. Selection varies with popularity, so check back all summer long for a selection of hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite. Want some seriously deep and local flavor? Cut a few small pieces of bay laurel and try smoking with that for a deep spicy flavor. Even if you don't have a proper smoker, you can still get the rich taste of smoke in a regular BBQ simply by soaking your chips and putting them in an old tin can next to the coals. For extra flavor, try soaking your chips in apple cider or beer.

Accessories? Well, we're still a farm supply, so you'll have to look elsewhere for spatulas and grill forks, but we've got firestarters, chimneys, char rock and more!

And if the rains don't stop? Don't worry, we've got tarps and steel buildings to keep those grills dry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Livestock Swap and Fish Market! June 12th

The first livestock swap was so much fun, we're doing it again! (And again, and again) The Livestock Swaps will be continuing (all summer long, in fact) on the second Saturday of each month! In May we had heirloom chickens, goats and pigs, and everybody sold! The next one will be on Saturday, June 12th.

If you have animals to sell, contact us to reserve a space. We expect to have plenty of room, but do not want to run out! You can stop by, call or e-mail us. We'd really like to see some sheep and horses out there this time!

Inside, we'll be offering 10% off on all aquatic supplies to celebrate the launch of our new collection of tropical fish! From sea salt to lights, we've got everything you need to keep your fish happy, or to get started a with fresh or saltwater aquarium!

If you are looking for animals to buy, or just pet, stop by and take a look. We'll be on hand to answer questions, and make sure you are all set! But, please... don't pet the fish!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here fishie, fishie, fishie! Tropical Fish at Farm Supply!

For a while now, many of our customers have been frustrated by the lack of fish in Mendocino County. While we have been diligent in providing top quality supplies and food for both fresh and saltwater fish, it has been nearly impossible to acquire fish without a lengthy drive to Santa Rosa. We heard you. So, coming in the next month, we're adding a wide variety of salt water fish to keep our rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks company. An amazing 14 foot long aquarium is getting set up right now, and once the system is established, we will be stocking a tremendous variety of salt water fish. Clownfish, snails, salt-water vegetation, live coral, leviathans and man eating whales will be amongst the selection. So no more driving to the ends of the earth to find nemo! Keep an eye here and on our website for more information.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fighting the European Grapevine Moth in Mendocino County: The War Starts at Home

     I love our Mendocino growers. We’re a community deeper than most can imagine, constantly gossiping in conspiratorial tones about the the expanse of Jane’s tomatoes and the girth of Tom’s zucchinis. We share seeds, plants and recipes; both for our harvests and our soils.  In short; we grow together.

      Today, our gardens and perhaps livelihoods are threatened by a new and nefarious garden pest. The recent discovery of the European Grapevine Moth in Mendocino County does not just affect the commercial vineyards, our largest economic contributor; it affects every gardener and grower in our county.

     Lobesia botrana will either go down in Mendocino county history as the only moth who’s scientific name was easier to say than its common name, or it will not go down in history at all. The European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) will be here to stay.

     When botrana was introduced in Chile, its spread was aided by the prevalence of home and hobby grape growing in urban areas. Poorly maintained backyard grapevines provided both an ideal and safe habitat for the invader. Home growers were either unaware or unconcerned about the pest. When they saw much of their fruit shrivel and die that year these home grape growers realized what a threat the moth truly was and invited commercial growers to come spray their vines. Unfortunately, by then it was too late; EGVM was firmly established.

     Right now, we need the help of every gardener, farmer, rancher and grower in Mendocino County. Together we can stop this pest, or at least diminish its future impact. One Napa vineyard experienced a 100% crop loss due to the moth last year. We can stop that from happening here.

What you can do:
  1. If you grow grapes within the greater Ukiah area, request a trap from the Agricultural Department. Early detection is the best form of control.
  2. If you know the location of wild grapes or abandoned vineyards in or near the quarantine area, please report them so they can be trimmed back.
  3. Remove old and neglected grapevines from your property, or at the very least prune them back and start taking care of them.
  4. Learn to recognize the moth.
  5. Share. Please, if you feel strongly about this, tell your neighbors, fellow gardeners and anyone with a grapevine about the pest
Please, everyone, lets tackle this thing.If you have questions regarding this pest, feel free to stop by the Farm Supply and talk to us.