Tuesday, May 25, 2010


If the rains subside and the summer finally arrives, our kitchens will begin the annual move to the backyard. As serious BBQ aficionados, we tend to keep the farm supply well stocked for any sort of grilling.

Propane? No problem, we have the cheapest propane in town and always ready to fill your small or large tanks. Just stop by the small engine shop and fill er' up!

Charcoal? Now you're talking! 40lb bags of pure mesquite charcoal are only 14.50! Forget those flimsy briquettes, this whole-wood char has branches! The taste imparted by pure mesquite is so exquisite, you can skip marinating your more tender cuts. Really, a thousand times better than briquettes; inexpensive and flavorful!

Smoke? Yep, we even have hardwood chips for your smoker, and not those tiny bags you get over charged for at the grocery store, either. Selection varies with popularity, so check back all summer long for a selection of hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite. Want some seriously deep and local flavor? Cut a few small pieces of bay laurel and try smoking with that for a deep spicy flavor. Even if you don't have a proper smoker, you can still get the rich taste of smoke in a regular BBQ simply by soaking your chips and putting them in an old tin can next to the coals. For extra flavor, try soaking your chips in apple cider or beer.

Accessories? Well, we're still a farm supply, so you'll have to look elsewhere for spatulas and grill forks, but we've got firestarters, chimneys, char rock and more!

And if the rains don't stop? Don't worry, we've got tarps and steel buildings to keep those grills dry!

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