Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mendocino County Horse and Equestrian Supply!

I've never had the land, time or money to own a horse, though I love their immense grace and power. As such, I haven't written much about Mendocino County Farm Supply's equestrian offerings on here for fear of being readily identified as a greenhorn. As the years go by, however, I have grown to become much more familiar with our horse feed and tack options thanks to the help of people like Denise, Sam and Darcie, our resident horse experts.

Horse Feed & Supplements

We carry the largest selection of feed in our county, with offerings from LMF, TDI, Nutrena, ASI and more. We also carry everything you need to create a fully balanced custom feeding routine for your horse, be it a retired mare, or a champion barrel racer. Our bi-annual events (Customer Appreciation Day, and Hay Day) often feature equestrian nutrition experts who can not only evaluate your horses health and body scoring, but can also advise you on maximizing your feed's results.

Need supplements? We've got em, and we know that everyone has very specific tastes. We carry every major brand of equine supplements, so you can get exactly what you want from the brands you trust. Fat supplements, glucosamine, micro-minerals, electrolytes and even colostrum from a number of respected brands.

Horse Shoes and Farrier Supplies

We carry every type of horse shoe you could want, from St. Croix and Delta, in every size possible. We also feature a remarkable selection of farrier and black smithing supplies including anvils from 75 to 150 lbs, tongs, rasps, nails and yes, even we even sell the least expensive propane in town! Do you prefer your horse barefoot? We've got Cavallo and Delta boots in every size.

Tack and Saddlery

From saddle blankets and harnesses to lunge whips and cribbing collars, we've got every horse supply you need. if you've been to any of our local rodeos, trail rides or shows, you've seen much of our selection hard at work; cactus and fastback ropes, breakaways and a full selection of custom roping supplies. Of course, we've also got riding helmets, spurs and all the standard fare.

For optimum training and practice with your performance or rodeo horse, we've got roping dummies, including calf and steer heads, heels and steer stands. No matter if you are packing out, gathering cattle, hunting or just enjoying our immense number of regional trails in the company of your equestrian companion, we've got what you need. Make your own, or just need to make a repair, we've got a good selection of buckles and snaps from the ornamental to the rugged and utilitarian.


A house call from a horse veterinarian can be incredibly expensive, and preventive medicine is imperative! We carry a wide selection of ivermectrins, pyrantels, and psylliums from the most reputable brands in America. Our veterinary supply section is immense, with DMSO, MSM, gall salves, anti-thrush gels and ointments, wound dressings, powders salves and bandages, antibiotics, including the increasingly popular Vetericyn, a number of pain managers and, surgical supplies abscess and vet kits. We proudly feature products from the most trusted names in the industry, including W.F. Young, Farnam, Ideal, Pfizer Animal Health, Aspen, Manna Pro, Priority Care, Vermont's Original, Kaeco, EquiAid, Merial, Bimeda, Cooper's Best, Absorbine, Dr, Naylor's, Equilite, Fort Dodge, Microcyn, Bio-Nutrition, Oralx, Kentucky Performance, AHCP, Bickmore, Select, AniMed and Forco. We keep a wide variety of breeding and foaling supplies on hand at all times, and we pride ourselves in our ability to special order even the most obscure products.

So much more than Mane and Tail! No matter if you merely want to keep the flies away, knock off the sweat at the end of a long ride, or prepare for lead in one of Mendocino County's many parades and shows, we've got what you need. Heck, if you wanted to start a horse spa, we'd be able to take care of you. With full lines of shampoos, conditioners, shines, polishes, fly sprays and tools from Eqyss, Farnam, Absorbine, Prolap, Cowboy Magic, Tuttle's EQ Solutions, Procter & Gamble, Manna Pro, QuicSilver, CoCo's Equicare, Sullivan's, Silver Lining and, of course, the ubiquitous Mane 'n Tail, we've got you clean and clear!

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  1. If you have a horse, make sure not to go out in the pasture with heels on! You'll sink in and maybe step on poop!