Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Tool Storage

Winter cold, rain and disuse plays havoc on our tools. Now that the seasons work is done, special attention should be taken to make sure your tools are stored properly. From garden spades to tillers and mowers, a small amount of work now can avoid costly repairs next spring.

For motor driven equipment, you should cover the equipment, or store it inside if possible. Prior to the winter, it is advisable to either drain the fuel or add a fuel stabilizer such as Fresh Start. Sold in convenient self-measuring bottles, you simply add a few ounces to your tank to stop oxidization of the fuel which can cause poor performance and engine and carburetor damage the next time the tool is used.
Now is also a great time to change your oil! Doing your own oil changes is quick and simple, or we can do it for you in our small engine repair shop. Bring in your model number and we can set you up with new filters, spark plugs and oil to make it an easy job.

Once you drain all that spent oil, you can recycle some of it yourself. By filling a bucket with sand and pouring your used motor oil into it, you can create an easy way to clean your tools and prevent rust with a simple dip. This is great for shovels, picks and pitchforks. Those of you with organic plots can use Stylet Oil or even plain-old vegetable oil for similar results. Be sure to cover the bucket to keep water from filling it and spilling over. This sand and oil bucket can be used season after season, and refreshed with a light addition of used motor oil once a year. The oil soaked sand, once used up, can be dropped of with the haz-mobile at any of our local transfer stations.

Keep those tools working for you year after year!

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