Friday, December 17, 2010

Introducing Precise Holistic Complete dog and cat food!

Stop by the Farm Supply on any given day, and you are likely to find as many dogs as people here. We love our animals, and are happy to work in a place where we can bring our best friends to work every day. On our staff, we've got employees who have trained police dogs and herding dogs, guys who run hunting dogs, and one jerk who has one of the largest livestock protection dogs around working as a baby guardian and lap warmer. (I'll raise my hand to that one and swear he had a job when we got him!)

It is needless to say we are passionate about dog food. Most of us can flip over a sack of new dog food and identify the top ten best and worst ingredients and gauge how well a certain food will work for a certain age and breed size in a matter of a few seconds. We have declined to carry and even stopped carrying a number of dog and cat foods that we felt were of poor quality. We carry our discount feeds, but we pride ourselves in our good ones. And when a new food lands on our table, we're happy to share it.

The Precise Holistic Complete line is one of those "micro-brewery" dog foods. Produced by the family-owned Texas Farm Products Company they have been producing dog food for 563 dog years, right here in the USA. In that time, not only have they never had a single recall or scare, their testing protocols are being adopted by the USDA! They own and operate their own production facility here in the US, and test every ingredient before it is allowed into the premises.
Their line of dog foods include the Precise Holistic Wild at Heart Flight Line and River Line produced with duck and Turkey and Salmon, respectively. With 24% crude protein and 15% crude fat and featuring human certified sources of fiber (no disgusting byproducts) they are complete all-life-stages dog foods with top quality ingredients and absolutely no nasty fillers like corn and wheat.

Important to a Great Dane / Mastiff mix owner like myself, their large and giant breed puppy and adult foods are endorsed by the Linda Arndt, "The Great Dane Lady" canine nutritionist. Their giant breed foods are formulated with just the right amount of protein and fat for the growth and maintenance stages of a large dog and with additional DHAs and Omega 3s to assure continued joint health.

They also just started offering their flight and river lines in a canned dog food! Now even those fussy dogs who turn their noses up at kibble can enjoy the prime nutrition of a quality dog food! And the ingredients are truly remarkable, with no meat meals and featuring pure salmon turkey, trout  duck and other whole foods.

Have a cat? Precise Holistic Complete also makes River and Flight lines for cats with salmon and chicken along with fruits, vegetables and probiotics to assure a long and healthy life for your feline companions.
We've got quite a few sample bags available right now, so next time you drop in to pick up some food, take a few with you to see if your dog or cat might like the make the switch. And talk to any of our knowledgeable staff to discover some great tricks for making an informed food change with none of the stress!  (You'd be surprised how easy it can really be!) 

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